My trip to NYC had has been a fun adventure so far, visiting the well known sites the city has to off. It’s filled with beautiful people from all over the world. My 1st live performance of this trip was at Rockwood Music hall. A well known venue in NYC. Room 1 is small and intimate size venue with a great sound. I had great Fun performing some new songs in front of a new audience. Was great to have some friends there and a last minute appearance from my good buddies, Catherine & Lizzy Wardthomas, a very talented Duo from Hampshire, England.
My 2nd show the following wednesday at Arlene’s Grocery, a very famous venue in NYC. My good friend Julian travelling from Nashville to perform the 8pm slot before me had a delayed flight which meant he missed his spot, so i had an hour to kill and went to catch my friends for food around the corner. We sat at the table and chatted not knowing for 30 mins Paul McCartney was sitting behind me with family. I didn’t turn around as i didn’t want to cause a scene about it all.
I eventually had to leave early for soundcheck. I left my friends and grabbed my guitar. There was a reason i had made the meal with friends and had my guitar with me.
So i just said to myself ‘why not’. Sat my guitar down and said ‘Paul I’m sorry to interrupt you’re meal, I’m performing around he corner, would you mind signing my guitar?’
He said where you from, and i told him. He then said of course i will. I said thank you, all the best, shook his hand and left to play my gig.