How ‘Legacy’ came from this!!

In 2011 I started out performing in small venues in Ayshire. One in particular was Su Casa situated in Lorne Arcade, Ayr town centre.

I had no idea who Mark Price was but he was in the audience many times I performed there. It was a fantastic hub for live music and the best place locally that young musicians could showcase their songs and talent.

Mark and I never really had a proper introduction. I vaguely remember a hello.

Su Casa is no longer a live music huh to perform at but is still a fantastic coffee shop where I’m sure most musicians who passed through there still stop by every so often.

4 years pass by. October 2015 I release my debut album with a local performance.i have great fun performing a set and come off stage with a great buzz. Before I get a chance to put down my guitar, Mark is stood infront of me. He says how are you Sean? Can I please show you a card trick? I said of course. This being the most random moment ever coming off stage. Mark then continued to blow me away with the card trick, including the number 77 in the trick. I was gobsmacked. We chat for a while then get packed up.

End of October I wake up with an idea to create a Kickstarter project to help fund a trip to NYC to film the official video for ‘the girl on Christopher street’.

Within 3 weeks we raised the full amount with help from friends, family and all my fans. Mark was one of the kind people to contribute. There were different packages to pick from with rewards. Mark asked if I would write some music for the opening of his show’s.

On my return from NYC I started to work on a song for Mark’s show.
We spoke most days conversing about the way life can change in the blink of an eye, how much we had in common, similar paths in life and just how passionate we were about making a difference, inspiring people and doing good. I would ask Mark specific questions to spark me. All I can say is it helped me to be more like myself. Talking about the things we did growing up as a kid. When we had an idea in our heads, we went ahead and did it with no fear. Why should that change when we grow up. Hence the opening lines. We don’t have to follow rules, bend them to suit yourself to fuel your desire. We are in charge of our own destiny and the path we take. If you don’t like something then change it. Our dreams hold moments we wish were what it’s like when we wake and are conscious.
Use those dreams to inspire your waking life. It’s beautiful.
Also trust your intuition. Like when you think of someone then the next second your phone rings and its that same person. Trust in your psychic ability and use it in everything.

Musically and lyrically this was the funnest, honest, most random and toughest challenge I’ve done to date. I loved every minute of it.

Mark then wished to make a video for the song. I was right behind him. Next thing I know we’re filming. Hats off to Jamie Brown & Billy Lusk for the phenomenal work in filming.

This all came from nothing but is the most real thing myself and mark have ever done.

So today I randomly walked into Su Casa and typing this little blog with info on the song and video.

Thank you everyone for the help and support.

Myself and Mark are very grateful.

Sean X